Osborn Xtreme

A New Dimension of Performance.

Never stand still.
Always improve.

Good things can be made even better. Especially when we look at quality and performance as the main drivers for outstanding products.

That's why Osborn today redefines performance. Developed to accomplish your tasks quicker, better and smarter while saving time and money - this is the new Osborn Xtreme product line and a new dimension in performance. Designed for demanding applications where good is just not good enough.

Experience our new cutting discs and brushes setting the new standard.

Xtreme Cutting Discs

Because good enough won't help you win:
The new AS 60 X INOX, offers a new dimension of cutting.

Xtreme speed.
Xtreme durability.

  • Ultra-high lifetime allows more cuts
  • Outstanding speed
  • Lowest power consumption
  • Precision cutting accurate to the millimetre
  • Low-burr to burr-free edges
  • No time-consuming post-processing
  • No blue discolouration
  • Perfect for thin sheets, profiles and tubes made of stainless steel, steel and non-ferrous metal

Xtremely impressive.
The test results.

A new grain and a sophisticated composition of additional individual components makes it possible. Tests reveal an outstanding lifetime performance. 25 % more cuts than the old AS 60 and 15% more than the main competitor. And since speed is an essential factor in winning, the new Xtreme also needs less time to finish your cutting job.

Xtreme Brushes

The stuff winners are made of.
That's why they are not like any other brush.

An outstanding new wire.
Xtreme wire.

The construction of the Xtreme wire is a composite of several individual wires, which are similar to a cable in their connection. The wire in conjunction with the circumferential speed of the brush achieves a high dynamic when hitting the workpiece. At the same time each individual wire tip from the composite achieves a very good cleaning and deburring effect on the surfaces and edges of the workpiece. Crimped or twist-knot brushes with Xtreme wire outperform conventional brushes by far.

  • Lifetime is 5-8 times higher than brushes with conventional wire
  • Higher stock removal rate and reduced wear
  • Low vibration, low noise
  • Greatly reduced unbalance, more controlled handling

Two of a kind.
Aggressive, yet also soft.

Our Xtreme wire combines the aggressive cleaning performance of twisted wire brushes with the flexibility of soft, crimped wire. The result is a surface finish with a unique, uniform satin-like appeal.

Picture: Xtreme wire left side, regular wire right side

Xtremely adaptable.
Even to complex workpiece geometries.

Xtreme combines flexibility and durability like no other wire, so it adapts even better to complex workpiece geometries. This allows the use of Xtreme brushes in areas where wire brushes could not be used before.

Controllable precision tools -
also suited for industrial deburring.

Conventional power brushes are usually only effective on high-speed machines, such as angle grinders and high-speed drills. If they are used on CNC-controlled machines, they often only have a low removal rate and an extremely limited service life. Our new long-life Xtreme brushes are different. Due to their stable wire configuration, they can also be run on CNC-machines or machining centres in a controlled manner until the end of their service life.

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